'ART HEART FASHION' NYC FASHION WEEK - I was commissioned to take black and white bts of this awesome fashion show so I took some video as well to play with. Shot on Nikon d800, Prime lens 50mm 1.4, edited with Lumafusion.

Grey Label Fashion Event - Hollywood CA - Shot & Edited by Vincent Martinez - During this event I ran camera, B-roll, audio (h4n), I also added a few in-camera editing techniques. Cut within three days for a Grey Label Fashion. Featuring Alex Curry.

Valkyrie - Kihei - Maui HI - Shot on a Sony a7r, edited with Lumafusion. Shot to test the editing app that rivals Avid, FCP, and Premiere. I captured all the footage with the sony and old 50mm, hence the lens flares. I also captured footage portrait, to be adjusted in post (extremely simple). I moved my footage to Google Dive. I watched clips on my iphone and Apple TV. Once I found the the clips I wanted to edit with, I downloaded them into Lumafusion and worked off my apple TV. Edit time, four days. Final edit was uploaded from Lumafusion to Google Drive (1080p) and Vimeo (720p).

Richstone Family Center with Alex Curry - Hawthorne CA - Shot & Edited by Vincent Martinez - One day of Production and one week of editing. Second cameraman Tristan Belissimo.

Sex Lies & Videotapes (scene) - Hollywood CA - Shot, Cut & Directed by Vincent Martinez (sound capture H4n) I had never seen the film "Sex Lies and Videotape" prior to shooting this scene for a directing class. After doing all my prep work for the scene, I eventually rented the film and it sat for a few days before I returned it. Ultimately, I didn't want to spoil the ideas I had personally worked out for the scene. After I filmed the scene, I spent all night cutting and finding a rhythm. Although the shots don't match the film, I always felt like the tone did, the scenes heartbeat - both actors did an amazing job working on this with me. 

GSS Academy - Carson CA - Shot & Edited by Vincent Martinez - GSS Academy is a program at Banning High School that preps students for the workforce in the city of Carson CA. The goal of the reel was to entice students into joining the Academy. The footage was compiled over the course of three months (accompanied by archive footage) on several field trips from colleges to the US Coast Guard. Edited over that three month period.

Poundtown EDM Event - Maui HI - Shot & Edited by Vincent Martinez - This is a sizzle reel from this event. Shorter versions have been trimmed down for promos, but this is the reel in it's entirety.

Cedar Sinai "Cal Heart" - Los Angeles CA - Shot & Edited by Vincent Martinez - This was shot in one day and cut in three days. It was a small gathering of some of Cedar Sinai's head nurses and doctors for group building skills with motivational speaker Giselle Chapman.

Graffiti Beach - Pop-up Shop - Venice CA - Shot & Edited By Vincent Martinez - Two day shoot with Graffiti Beach. First day was artist painting shop space. Day two was grand opening. Title animation took one week. Each letter had to be animated for a large number of the frames. Overall edit. Two weeks. 

Gravity Boys - Long Beach CA - Shot & Edited by Vincent Martinez - I ran camera, B-roll, audio (h4n) I was commissioned to film a show for The Gravity Boys and follow up with the interview after the show. 

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